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What Makes My Statistical Consulting Services so Exceptional?


  1. I work with you in establishing your hypotheses and research questions, providing ample instruction on the methods used
  2. I input, organize, and clean the data, and I implement the statistical analyzes
  3. I test reliability (such as Cronbach's alpha) and validity (such as content validity and construct validity)
  4. I write up all results, including APA tables and figures, and them so you can write the discussion section and defend your findings explaining the results so you can write the discussion section and defend them;
  5. I perform analysis
  6. I provide expert editing services to you
  7. I assist your search for dissertation writing help with your introduction and discussion chapters;
  8. I offer comprehensive dissertation writing help to you seeking creation or enhancement of your literature reviews

I support you until the project is complete!

Services Offered

SPSSDissertation and Thesis
I understand that getting your dissertation’s Introduction chapter going can be the most challenging aspect of the entire writing process. And it’s not just you; writers as a whole have struggled with this very problem for the longest of times. I know exactly how to get your Introduction going such that I put you on the right track toward the ultimate goal: your Degree! 


Doctor of Nursing Practice
DNP project help is here! Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a terminal professional degree in nursing practice, an alternative to the doctoral degree. The curriculum for the DNP degree builds on traditional master's programs by providing education in evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and systems leadership. Explore more >



Bell Curve
Research Methods and Statistics
I am dedicated to detecting and correcting corrupt or inaccurate records from a record set, table, or database. The process of data cleaning includes data auditing, specification, execution, post-processing, and controlling.   I use new methods--parsing, data transformation, duplicate elimination, and statistical methods. By analyzing the data using the values of mean, standard deviation, range, and clustering algorithms, we can find values that are unexpected and erroneous. Explore more >


IASSC Certified Six Sigma Trainer
I am a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma! 


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